Best car insurance company in NZ?

Willie S asked 4 years ago
There are so many car insurance companies here. Which one should I choose?
Joseph B answered 4 years ago
I have had good experiences with BNZ Insurance. Not so good experiences with State.

Roscoe M answered 4 years ago
AMI gets the thumbs up from me. Awesome service great prices

Gregory P answered 4 years ago
I have always been treated very well by AMI.

Have you got a no claims bonus with anyone? Since my car is just an old runabout my premiums are very affordable but it would be a different story if I didn't have my 60% no claims bonus.

Pearl W answered 4 years ago
ASB insurance is very good for me. Quite flexible. Good rates for my car.

Emery K answered 4 years ago
there is no best, everyone has different situations and different circumstances so whats best for one is not best for another.

its a case of ringing round and reading up of T&C's.

there will also be good and bad stories for each company

steve7876 answered 2 weeks, 3 days ago
I think BNZ Insurance is always good!
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