We want to help you

finding the right new or used vehicle.

About us

Carpage is a startup located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our aim is to use web/mobile technology to improve quality of service and customer satisfaction. And we want to be simple and useful.

If you are a service provider, you may sign up and add your business easily without any cost. Or you can send us your detail, and we will add it for you.

If you are a dealer, and you cannot find your inventory here, please also let us know. We are happy to add your vehicles. Normally, we will make a web-spider to retrieve the structured data from your website. If you don't have a website, not a problem at all, you can just send us the data.

If you just want to sell your current car online, you can post it on the 'WALL' page. No sign-up needed. But sorry, our WALL is not that popular at the moment. We are trying hard to make it more attractive.

Making car shopping easier and faster.

We aggregate cars in New Zealand.

Seller can easily add vehicle to the website without any cost

Ask sellers questions and get answers from them directly

Over 20,000 vehicles available across New Zealand

Search vehicles and see detailed specs, features, photos, and pricing.

Our geo-targeted search technology means you get the most relevant results first.