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Established in 2005, Sai Auto Co. Ltd. based in Japan is the premium market place for those who are on the lookout for new and used Japanese vehicles, machineries and equipment. We can provide you every kind of Japanese vehicles since we deal with all the major makes of Japanese automobiles ranging from 1990 to ... read more

541 Great South Road, Otahuhu, Auckland, Auckland
(09) 259 4953
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Phone: (09) 259 4953
Mobile: 022 044 5094


Phone: (09) 259 4953
Mobile: 021 452 708


Sai Auto Co Ltd


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Sai Auto Co Ltd

36.948°S / 174.846°E


Ricky P 1 year, 8 months ago

Went in to sai to have a look at a Toyota Blade, the dealer hovered around a bit much as I was trying to look under the car etc but I can get over that, overall I liked the car and was ready to purchase - I just needed to show a few photos to our panelbeaters as the bonnet had bad acid staining we would have repaired upon purchase. As I said to the dealer he told me 'That doesnt need it, to spray bonnet is $100-150' - I thought funny thing to say, I wasnt trying to bargain with the fact I would have repainted a bonnet, I had not mentioned a price, so I informed him I too was in the automotive trade and a bonnet spray to a good standard would realistically be closer to $400, the dealer then snarkily reaponded 'then you are not in the trade'. Who the hell are these guys to tell me who I am or what I do/dont do. Your smart assed little comment lost you a near guaranteed sale, attitude is everything in this life and this place certainly has it wrong. I will most definately be avoiding in future. I feel like we dodged a bullet.

Aldo M 1 year, 5 months ago

I looked at 2 cars online in Otahuhu. According to photos online they were near identical but when I went to see them they were nothing like the photos. Then I found one on Trade Me at Sai NZ Cars in Penrose. Not being from Auckland I was using Google Maps to get me there. However the Google map put us wrong so I rang up to ask where they were. They were kind enough to send someone to where I was so I could follow them there. That was just the start. When I got there I asked to see the AA report which had been done the day before. The car passed inspection but had shown the tires were at 3mm. They replaced the tires anyway. I was surprised they could get new registration plates straight away on a Sunday. The car is excellent quality for the price because I have been looking at the same model for 2 weeks and it was the best! I highly recommend this family business and will definitely be going back there next time I am looking. Thank you for all your help. I love my new car.

Parggie M 1 year, 5 months ago

Have known the dealer for 8 years now since i got my SUV from him and i always recommend this dealer to friends who are looking to buy imported cars, so far no bad feedback from the people i recommended, all are happy, and always come back to him. He is a straight forward person to deal with and cars are always good quality. Highly recommended dealer.++++++