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put your business on the web

Create a company

What you'll need to set up your Company in CarPage

A name for your business

Your Company name can be your business name or another name that people may search for to find your business. Use the Description section to tell people a little bit about what your business does.

A logo and cover photo

Choose photos that represent your business well. You can upload your logo directly, and you can use an image of your company as your cover photo.

Once you've created your Company...

Publish your Company when it's complete

You can make sure that people only see your Company when it's finished by keeping it unpublished while you're creating it. You can change these details in your Company Settings tab at any time.

Start posting straight away

You want your Company to be active and informative before you start promoting it. So start posting updates about your business, special offers and more as soon as it's live.

Use your own domain name

With the power of Carpage tech, you can create a unique home for your brand and reach thousands of our engaged users directly everyday.

As part of your unique company, you can create a custom domain for all your content to live under. This includes your domain setup, and ongoing support of your custom domain on Carpage.

Note: You need to your company to use your own domain.